THE B-SHOW: WWE SMACKDOWN 8/27/15 – Welcome to the Family

The B-show is back!  SummerSlam is in the rearview and we are marching on.  Let’s see what the blue brand has in store for us this week!


The Wyatt Family is out first with their newest member, the black sheep Braun Strowman.  Is Erick Rowan ever coming back?  Luke Harper tells us we are already dead but we don’t even know it.  That’s an uplifting note to begin the show.  Wyatt says his family means everything to him.  Sister Abigail has given him everything in life, and she provided him with a savior when he needed it most.  Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose decide to crash the party.  Reigns admits that Strowman whooped their asses on RAW.  Ambrose comically states that he’ll take the ugly one, and they get in the ring.  The Wyatt Family slowly retreats out of the ring and back up the ramp.


The Ascension vs. The Dudley Boyz

This probably isn’t ending well for Konnor and Viktor.  Bubba and Konnor kick it off.  They exchange words before D-Von tags in and they hit a double shoulder block.  Viktor tags in to take a shoulder block as well.  Bubba tags in and the Dudleyz hit their sidewalk slam/leg drop combo.  Bubba lands the combination punches and D-Von hits the What’s Up headbutt.  Bubba calls for the tables, but Konnor takes out D-Von.  Viktor takes advantage of the distraction and hits an STO on Bubba.  Bubba fights back with a big clothesline and makes the tag to D-Von.  D-Von hits a shoulder block and a neckbreaker on Konnor.  The Ascension goes for a double team maneuver but D-Von ducks it and hits a double clothesline.  A 3D picks up the win for the Dudleyz.  The Dudley Boyz set up a table after the match, but New Day makes their way to the ring with signs that say “#Givetablesachance” and “Save a Table, Break a Dudley”.  The Dudleyz are not deterred, and they put Viktor through a table anyway.

Winner: The Dudley Boyz (pinfall)

Analysis:  This wasn’t a great match by any stretch of the imagination, but it reintroduced The Dudley Boyz and their moveset for a younger audience.  It still feels weird to see them back in a WWE ring.


Neville vs. Kevin Owens

Owens goes for a powerbomb early, but Neville turns it into a hurricanrana.  Neville misses a baseball slide on the outside, and Owens takes control with an Argentine neckbreaker back in the ring.  When we get back from the commercial break, Owens has a resthold locked in.  Neville escapes and hits a series of kicks followed by a running dropkick.  He follows it up with a springboard missile dropkick, but it only gets a two count.  Neville flips out of a backdrop attempt and uses Owen’s momentum to hit a German suplex.  Owens escapes the ring, but Neville pursues and lands a super kick.  Owens blocks another springboard attempt with a kick and drops Neville with a pop-up powerbomb for the victory.

Winner: Kevin Owens (pinfall)

Analysis: Neville continues to look like star with his athleticism.  He looked good despite taking the loss.  Kevin Owens picked up a needed win as he tries to recover from his weak booking as of late.


Charlotte & Becky Lynch vs. The Bellas

These teams met up backstage to talk a bit of trash before the match.  Team B.A.D. is ringside on commentary, because heaven forbid we show some women on TV without showing all of them.  Nikki and Charlotte start the match.  Becky tags in and the face team hits a double dropkick.  Nikki attempts a sunset flip, but only gets two.  Brie tags in and the Bellas hit a hair slam.  Becky is unphased, and drops the leg three times.  Charlotte tags in and misses a knee drop.  Brie locks in a submission focusing on the knee, so that she won’t be able to lock in the Figure 8.  Brie gets sent to the outside, and Charlotte tries to limp her way over the Becky.  Nikki pulls Becky off the apron, but Becky clocks her.  Charlotte picks up the win with her Charlotte’s Web pin.

Winner: Charlotte & Becky Lynch (pinfall)

Analysis: Another Diva tag match.  Please give these ladies some individual personalities.


The champ is out next to lament that his statue presentation didn’t go exactly as planned.  He cuts to a video of Sting appearing on RAW and attacking Rollins.  He understands why Sting is jealous of him.  He has accomplished more in his short career than Sting has in his whole life.  Rollins feels he doesn’t owe Sting anything, and he isn’t afraid of a face paint wearing freak.  He vows to finish the job that Triple H started at WrestleMania.


Ryback & Dolph Ziggler (with Lana) vs. Rusev (with Summer Rae) & Big Show

Big Show puts the fists to Ryback early in this one, but Ryback fights back with shoulder thrusts in the corner.  Both guys charge at each other, and I’m not sure who got the worst of it.  Ryback avoids a chokeslam and hits a diving shoulder block, but Big Show comes back with a spear.  Rusev tags in before we head to a commercial break.  Rusev hits an impressive dropkick for a man of his size.  Big Show wants a tag, but Rusev blows him off.  Ryback tries to fight back, but Rusev cuts off his comeback attempt with a back elbow.  Rusev pays too much attention to Lana, and eats a spinebuster from Ryback.  Both men tag out, and Ziggler hits two dropkicks on Big Show.  He follows it up with a big splash, DDT, and superkick.  Show avoids a second superkick and a famouser, and drops Ziggler with an inverted electric chair drop.  Big Show hits the knockout punch, but Rusev tags himself in.  He locks in the Accolade, but Big Show hits his own teammate with a knockout punch before walking out on the match.  Ziggler crawls over and covers Rusev for the win.

Winner: Ryback & Dolph Ziggler

Analysis: There has been a ton of tag team wrestling on this show.  The match was fine, but it wasn’t terribly notable.


Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose

Sheamus is aggressive in the early going, putting the boots to Ambrose and taking him down with a clothesline.  He throws Ambrose out of the ring, but he showboats a bit too much and Ambrose has time to recover.  He slams Sheamus’ head into the announce table and jumps off of it onto his opponent.  Sheamus responds by slamming Ambrose into the barricade and delivering a scoop slam onto the announce table.  They finally get back in the ring, and Sheamus hits a running knee.  He drops Ambrose with a vertical suplex throw and drives his knee into his head.  He applies a stretch muffler and turns it into a powerbomb.  Sheamus hits his forearms on the ring apron, but Ambrose reverses it and hits forearms of his own.  Sheamus responds by hanging Ambrose over the top rope.  Sheamus pursues Ambrose on the outside, but Ambrose hits a rebound clothesline.  Ambrose lands his jab and chop combination before landing a corner forearm and bulldog.  Sheamus charges Ambrose, but he moves and Sheamus eats the turnbuckle.  Ambrose hits a suicide dive.  Back in the ring, Ambrose takes Sheamus down with a top rope elbow.  Sheamus hits a knee and tries the Brogue Kick, but Ambrose dodges and hits a rebound clothesline.  The Wyatt interruption hits, and the Wyatt Family is suddenly surrounding the ring.  The distraction allows Sheamus to connect with the Brogue Kick and pick up the win.  The Shield music hits and Reigns flies to ringside and hits a superman punch on Luke Harper.  Reigns goes after Strowman, but Strowman slams him into the mat face first.  Strowman locks in the reverse choke that he utilized on RAW, and drops Reigns with an over the shoulder slam.  The show ends with the Wyatt Family standing tall.

Winner: Sheamus (pinfall)

Analysis: The match was just an excuse for what happened afterwards.  The match itself was a fun brawler while it lasted.  Both of these guys were intense.


This episode of Smackdown felt mostly like a placeholder.  There was so much build up to SummerSlam that this show felt like it was just trying to catch its breath.  The reintroduction of the Dudley Boyz and the Wyatt Family were the highlights on this otherwise lackluster offering.


Leyeth the smacketh down.

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