Producer Says Troubled X-Men Spinoff Gambit Film “Will Happen Eventually”

The X-Men franchise is continuing to boom, with The New Mutants, Deadpool 2, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix all slated to arrive in the next couple of years.  There is one X-Men spinoff that hasn’t been quite as lucky, however, and that is the ever-delayed Gambit.  Now, producer Hutch Parker has spoken out to confirm that the studio still has plans to make the movie.

In a recent interview with ScreenRant, Parker was questioned about whether Gambit would ever happen, given there were so many other X-Men movies set to hit screens. “It is [still part of our plans],” he said. “I don’t have any news on that but there’s still a desire and a passionate interest to see that movie made.

This comment follows those made by director Doug Liman, who was at one point attached to the film. “It’s a crowded field of superhero films so the challenge for Gambit or any of those other movies is finding its unique space and its unique take,” he told IGN.”But, yeah, I think Simon Kinberg, who is producing it, is a great producer and he’ll create something great out of it.

While both of these comments can be considered positive, they don’t necessarily suggest that the movie is going to happen any time soon.  Gambit was originally slated for release in October 2016, with Rise of the Planet of the Apes‘ Rupert Wyatt as director.  Wyatt left the film in September 2015, citing scheduling conflicts.  A story in Deadline at the time suggested instead that there had been ongoing disagreements over both the script and budget.

Liman subsequently joined the movie, with production rescheduled for spring 2016.  That also failed to commence, with the start date moved to end of the 2016 to allow time for further rewrites, and then to spring 2017, neither of which happened. Liman quit in August last year, and the film now sits without a director.

If it does happen, Gambit is set to star Channing Tatum as the card-throwing superhero of the the same name.  Gambit is a character plucked from the X-Men team, first appearing in a 1990 issue of The Uncanny X-Men.  He appeared briefly in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, portrayed by Taylor Kitsch.

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