New Mighty No. 9 Trailer Is A Marketing Miss

The much delayed Mega-Man style “Mighty No. 9” got a new trailer today. The trailer seems to be entirely in game footage, and shows off the players different abilities in the game. It’s easily the worst trailer I’ve ever seen. The narrator is annoying, the jokes either fall flat or offend parts of the target audience. To make matters worse, it’s literally just a rundown of the moves you have in the game. When I’m watching a trailer, I don’t need to know all of the obvious gameplay elements. I want it to highlight the reasons I play games: to experience a story, or explore cool sets, or feel like a bad ass.


All that aside, “Mighty No. 9” does look pretty fun based on what I saw in the trailer. Now we just have to hope it makes that June 21st release date. Don’t let us down, Inafune!

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