@Midnight Live Streams Broadcast on Facebook With Chris Hardwick as SXSW

I love comedy, comedians and laughing, so I was determined to make it to a taping of @Mignight at SXSW this year. It was at Austin City Limits’ Moody theater. Chris Hardwick is hard not to love and he proved just how much he loves his fans. He came out and did about 15 minutes of comedy for everyone then passed the mic off to none other then Nick Swardson who then did another 15 minutes bit for everyone. I could have left happy at that point, but @Midnight was just getting started and it was hilarious.

Thomas Lennon (Reno 911), Whitney Cummings (Whitney) and Nick Swardson (Every Adam Sandler movie ever) all competed for points to win the ultimate internet game show @Midnight. All of the comedians killed it. Even though the show was only being broadcast on Facebook Live and they gave it their all. I personally thought it made the show better because they were able to be more free with what ever they wanted to say. I’m a big fan of Thomas Lennon and he didn’t disappoint. It’s a running joke that he never gets points for his jokes but he was hilarious. Whitney Cummings won, which was well deserved for her jokes about new jobs created under the Trump administration. In which she responded, “ More plumbing jobs for plumbers to install golden showers in every home.”

Nick Swardson is always funny and kept making fun of the drunk girl who claimed she had 83 cats, saying she probably rode them home like sled cats. I would be surprised if Sled Cats isn’t the next Adam Sandler film that comes out per Thomas Lennon’s request. Just saying, be on the look out! There were a lot of drunk people in the crowd and some that were yelling out to players during the show. At first it made me cringe but all of the comedians took it in stride and involved the audience.

Over all it was an awesome time to kick off SXSW. If you think Chris Hardwick seems like a genuinely good dude, you are correct. You can just tell he loves what he does and he loves his fans. If you ever get an opportunity to see a taping of @Midnight take it! It’s a good time full of lots of laughs.


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