Forever Bogus Podcast – Fictional Bands

Welcome back to another installment of the Forever Bogus Podcast, “Where we’ve got nostalgia on tap.”

The Bogus Boys, Bryce and Jayme, are back from a year-long hiatus! They have been working really hard on new nostalgic content for the Bogus Cast. They can’t wait to share it with you on August 19th but until then enjoy some re-run episodes from past seasons.

On this hard rock episode, Bryce and Jayme run down a list of fictional bands from movies and TV shows. They first discuss a pressing issue concerning a very giving ATM with a heart of gold. Then they air guitar their way through their list of 10 radical fictional bands. While doing so they give us some fun insight about each band including some history of the real-life performers, interesting factoids, funny personal stories, and so much more. Their list consists of a variety of genres and bands that are more well known and others that may be more obscure. After a full hour of rocking and rolling, they finally wrap up the show with a pile of homework for both themselves and the listeners.

A blues-inspired snowman, a group of jamming balls, rock’s chosen warrior, and so much more on this rock-filled episode.

Did your favorite fictional band make the list? Tune in to find out!



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