‘Westworld’ Weekly: Ep 2: The Man in Black’s Mission to Play God

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We may be getting more answers after last night’s episode two of Westworld. Digging deeper into Westworld’s creation and what it’s investors ultimately intended to do with it. Although we still don’t quite know their intentions yet. What is interesting though, is that we know that many of the hosts including Delores were brought into the real world for entertainment reasons and got a taste of what the outside world was really like. I’m sure at the time the investors saw this as harmless, but all it did was feed an appetite for freedom. Let’s dive into more w=of what we know so far.

Episode two was about William (The Man in Black) and Delores. It’s interesting to see how quickly William went from a nice guy to a cold and calculating business man. We are starting to see his transformation and the beginning of his hatred towards Delores. It’s clear that after his first experience in Sweet Water and falling in love with Delores that something happened between them. Whether he realized that he should not be falling for an A.I. or something else happened. But what is clear is that he eventually shares lots of information with Delores about the park and now she is starting to recall not only that but her time spent on the outside with Bernard and William.

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Let’s fast forward 30 years to now and the Man in Black. William probably knows this park better than anyone and he has got something up his sleeve. He is gathering an army to take to the promise land and I can only guess that means taking these hosts to the outside world. What ever he is up to it can’t be good. His conversation with father-in-law 30 years prior hinted to the fact that he had bigger plans for Westworld than just giving guests the ultimate A.I. experience. He wanted to watch them, record their behavior and study them. As he puts it, “This is the only place on earth where you can see people for exactly who they are.” What his intentions are with that information are still unknown. But he seems to still be on that mission 30 years later when discussing it with Lawrence or El Lazo in the bar. He brings up the fact that people came to Westworld to “sin in peace” where they could do whatever they wanted without being watched by a higher power. But he tells him, “But we were watching though. We were that higher power.” So what were their intentions? It’s driving me crazy and i need this question answered!

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Even in death Dr. Robert Ford still seems to have control. As William makes his was to the “Promise Land” he meets up with the new El Lazo played by Giancarlo Esposito, which was a pleasant surprise. William demands that he tell his men to follow him and almost immediately all of the men surrounding them kill themselves and right before El Lazo does the same he says, “This park was built for you William. But you will have to go on this journey alone.” William stands there and in return replies, “Fuck you Robert.” and then shoots him three times. It’s possible that Robert knew what William’s end game was and he is going to make this as hard as possible on him.

I think we are going to get a showdown between Delores and William at the Holy land. While William unsuccessfully tries to assemble and army, Delores is well on her way to getting hers ready. she can also raise the dead. Which is smart on her part because she can have whoever she wants. She tells Teddy that the promise land isn’t a place but a weapon that an “Old friend showed her once” I’m sure William will regret that later. It was refreshing to see Delores’ reaction to be in the outside world with Bernard. She was back to her innocent bright eyed self that we no longer see anymore. We also see a weird interaction with a naked Delores and William in the beginning where he is angry with himself for falling in love with her and realizes that really “she is nothing.” I believe this is only the beginning of their twisted story that isn’t going to end well.

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We didn’t see much of Maeve this episode. Only a short moment when she runs into Delores and Teddy in the park. So we know she is on her way to find her daughter but that is about all we know. I like that this season is jumping back and forth from the past and present day. We are getting so much more new information on the back story. Although I would be lying if I didn’t mention that I kind of miss the simpler days of just watching people die in Sweet Water. What is clear is that for every answer we do get there will always be three or four more questions trailing behind. Which is why this show is never boring!

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