‘Westworld’ Weekly: Season Debut Has Many ‘Violent Delights’ as the Body Count Rises

A year and half in waiting and last night we finally got back to the “Violent Delights.” Westworld or should we call it ‘Deathworld’ season two started again and it definitely didn’t disappoint. When we left off back in 2016 with some answers and a lot of questions. Season two opens with a lot of bodies everywhere. Some A.I. and some real. But honestly at this point what/ who is even real anymore? With the hosts gaining more and more awareness and conscientiousness, it gets harder and heard to draw a line between what is real and what isn’t.

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So what do we know after the first episode of season two? Well Bernard is still lost and confused, but maybe not as much as he may seem. It’s clear that he has a grasp on the fact that he is a host but he doesn’t want to anyone to know that he knows. His confusion seems to be coming form his memory recall that he is now accessing trying to piece everything together. We also dive deeper into the depths below Sweet Water. Once escaping the game Charlotte takes Bernard to a place the we as viewers haven’t seen before. Where hybrid androids that are subterranean looking are creating hosts and Bernard witnesses the logging of host’s experiences and the extraction of their DNA. Wait WHAT?! The hosts have DNA? Shit is getting deep.

Dolores is more of a bad ass than we have seen up to this point. She is on a mission and that mission is to bring pain to everyone that has taken part in Westworld. Poor sweet Teddy is still his clueless loving self and he won’t leave Delores’ side but she is definitely on a blood thirsty mission and no matter how hard he tries he can’t get her to change her mind. I’m excited to watch Delores’ journey unfold. She has gone from the sweet innocent welcoming host to a bad ass killing machine out for revenge. And with the Man in Black wandering around Westward with his own agenda, it’s only a matter of time until those two come face to face.

Let’s talk about the Man in Black, played by Ed Harris. It seems that he may no the park better than anyone else and he is still on his mission. It also excites him more that the hosts have gone rogue because the stakes of life and death are higher. We still don’t quite know what he is searching for but whatever his agenda it can’t be good.

It’s interesting how some of the hosts seem to be gaining more awareness and other are still functioning correctly. I have to wonder if it’s just a matter of time though before they all become aware and take over before they can get it under control. Right now it’s clear that no one is in control of the park except for the hosts. A special ops team has been called in to take back control with the help of Bernard, although he really is little to no help. I have a feeling that this new task force has no idea what they are getting themselves into.

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Maeve… the one who started all of the chaos and take over of Westworld and all around bad ass chick is still at it. She is the one who really has the ability to take down the entire park and function in the outside world but the question is, will she? It seems that now that she has control of herself and consciousness she wants to go back to Sweet Water and find her daughter from a previous story line made for her that haunts her memories. It’s hard to believe that she would want to go back with how aware she is about Westworld and who she it but it’s something she feels she has to do. When Maeve is telling Lee that he will take her to find her daughter he tries to explain to her that it was just a story line that was written for her and that it wasn’t real. Which she responds by saying, “Not real? Like my memories and dreams of her are not real? Like what I have been through isn’t real?” She does have a point. To the people who created Westworld this is just a game. But to the host that are now dealing with all of their memories it is all too real.

Over all the season two premiere dragged just a little bit but that doesn’t mean this season isn’t going to be totally bad ass. Let’s be honest, with all of the carnage in the park, how can it not be. It’s exciting to see the growth of all of the characters and see what other secrets will be uncovered. And Samurais, where are they? I can’t wait for them and to see other parts of the park. But for now we are in for a ride of more unanswered questions and more violent ends. It’s going to be a fun season!

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