“The Watcher in the Woods” Reimagines the ’80s Cult Classic at SDCC

Executive producer and director, Melissa Joan Hart reimagines the ‘80s cult classic, The Watcher in the Woods, starring Academy Award winner Anjelica Huston as Mrs. Aylwood, the distraught mother whose daughter, Karen, vanished in the English countryside over 20 years ago.   When Jan Carstairs (Tallulah Evans) and her family move into the idyllic Aylwood manor for the summer.  The family is warned against entering the surrounding woods, but Jan and her little sister Ellie (Dixie Egerickx) hear voices coming from the forest.  Strange occurrences begin to unnerve the family and Jan begins to suspect that they are linked to Karen’s disappearance.  As Jan unravels the dark past hidden by the townspeople, she delves further into the mystery and deeper into danger, but now it might be too late to escape the Watcher in the Woods.

Watcher in the Woods is produced by Hartbreak Films. The Watcher in the Woods premieres Saturday, October 21st on Lifetime.

The panel will take place on Thursday 7/20 from 3-4pm in Room 7AB and include Melissa, Paula, Scott, and Andrew debut a sneak peek of the new filmdiscuss their new twists on this classic thriller and participate in a Q&A session, moderated by TV Guide’s Damian Holbrook.  

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