SDCC 2018: The History Channel Releases Trailer for ‘Project Blue Book’

Project Blue Book
The History channel

Society will never get tired of aliens, those unknown creatures of advanced technology that may (or may not) live and hide in our skies. We love the unknown and conspiracies and with the documents recently released showing the interest our own government has had in the research and detection of these extraterrestrial beings, our own interest is sure to never wane. The History channel seems to be the masters of the alien docu-series and they just released the trailer for their newest addition to the alien show franchise, Project Blue Book. Check it out.

Project Blue Book is a drama series that follows the true story of government involvement and the top secret investigations surrounding the search in our skies for unidentified flying objects. It is set between 1952 and 1969, the year we finally landed men on the moon (looking at you moon landing conspiracy theorists).

The show is set to star Aiden Gillen as Dr. Alan Hynek, a college professor who is approached by the government for assistance, and Michael Malarkey as Air Force Captain Michael Quinn. They are joined by Laura Minnell, Ksenia Solo (love, love, loved her in Lost Girl), Michael Harney, and Neal McDonough. Gillen and Malarkey will act as a vintage Mulder and Scully as they visit locations around the country to try and undercover what really happened during various UFO sightings.

Project Blue Book
Image courtesy of the History channel.

Dr. Hynek does his duties but becomes suspicious as he thinks there is more going on beneath the surface than what he is being told by the government. The setting will be reminiscent of Fallout in that atomic, 1950’s style.

No release date has been given yet, but you better believe that when they let us know, we will let YOU know. Are you excited about Project Blue Book? Let us know in the comments!

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