Potential Replacements for Daryl Dixon on ‘The Walking Dead’

Since the ambiguous Season 6 ending of AMC’s The Walking Dead, speculation has been flying as to who was kissed by Negan’s “Lucille.” Many have conjectured that show runners have kept true to the comics and dispatched Glenn (The Walking Dead issue #100).

But what happens to the undead world if the powers that be kill off fan-favorite and un-bathed heartthrob Daryl Dixon? Fear not because BoomHowdy has you covered with 5 very capable replacements to satiate your “Durrrel” needs:

5. Glenn Rhee:


Steven Yuen has done a remarkable job breathing more life into Glenn over the past two seasons. He has turned a diminutive, smart-ass pizza delivery victim into a certified ass kicker and conceivably could fill the larger-than-life shoes filled by a potentially exiting Norman Reedus.


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