6 Terrific TV Shows You Should Watch This Summer

Maya & Marty (Tuesdays on NBC)

After Maya Rudolph’s failed variety show experiment last summer, I did not want to like this show.  However, paired with Martin Short and a parading list of SNL guest stars, I’m getting a kick out of it.

For some reason, even though there’s nothing new or fresh about Short’s Jiminy Glick character, his weekly celebrity interviews are generating huge belly laughs for me. And the rest of the skits are no worse than your average episode of Saturday Night Live.

Wrecked (Tuesdays on TBS)

You wouldn’t think much comedy could be mined from a plane crash; however, the tone of Wrecked is more Gilligan’s Island than Lost. (In fact, the title of the first episode is “All Is Not Lost.”)

Yeah, you’ve got to be a little twisted to laugh at some of the dark humor, but it’s not hard to do once you submit to it. A bit in an early episode where survivors try to find mobile device service is hysterical.


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