6 Times Hit Movies Failed as TV Series

Production recently resumed on HBO’s Westworld remake, but it’s not the first time the story has appeared on the small screen. In 1980, Beyond Westworld was a TV sequel to the sci-fi classic. Never heard of it? Well, it’s not the only time a hit movie failed as a television series.

Casablanca (1983)

The most unbelievable thing about an attempt to turn the classic 1942 movie into a TV series is that this wasn’t the first time!

Before NBC did it in 1983, ABC did it in 1955. David Soul may have been an iconic “Hutch” (Starsky and Hutch) but in ‘83, he was no Rick (Humphrey Bogart.) 5 episodes.

Uncle Buck (1993)

Kevin Meaney took on the role John Candy originated in the 1989 movie, but the public didn’t buy in to it.

Apparently ABC they thought trying another reboot in 2016. This time with comedian Mike Epps.

Critics and most of the general public have not been amused.


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