Vampires Arise: Netflix Grants ‘Castlevania’ a Second Season

Anyone who likes vampires has heard of Castlevania. Anyone who likes video games has heard of Castlevania. It is a sprawling empire of an entertainment franchise that originated with a simple 2D platform arcade game. Like its chief antagonist – the legendary Count Dracula – the Castlevania series has flourished for years across multiple media. In 2017 the adventures of the Belmont family and their eternal war against the undead Count and his minions arrived in the form of a sleek animated series airing on Netflix and produced by WOW! Unlimited Media, Federator Networks, and Federator Studios.

Fans of the series in all its Gothic glory have reason to rejoice because Netflix has already announced a season 2 for the anime-style medieval adventure. No release date has been given yet, but given how quickly the announcement came in the wake of Season 1’s debut, it is quite possible that Netflix is aiming for a 2018 debut. Even more enticing, Season 2 will reportedly double Season 1’s four-episode length.

Returning voice actors from Season 1 will include Richard Armitage (Trevor Belmont), Graham McTavish (Dracula), Alejandra Reynoso (Sypha Belnades), and James Callis (Alucard).

Until more details are available, Season 1 of Castlevania continues to be available on Netflix for binging.