Check Out The Trailer For Netflix’s Time Travel Flick ‘See You Yesterday’, Produced By Spike Lee

See You Yesterday
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It feels like every time you look up, there’s a new Netflix movie popping up. Whether it’s an original Netflix produced film or a film distributed by Netflix, there’s a sea of offerings constantly shuffled out by the streaming giant. The latest to catch our attention is low-level time travel picture called See You Yesterday. Whose trailer just so happened to drop, yesterday. Take a look.

Some of the best time travel movies are born out of tragedy. There’s something universal about wanting to go back and prevent a disaster, both on the macro, as well as the micro. Taking that innate desire and coupling it with social matters, makes tons of sense. Ultimately that’s what will sell this film to most people. Not only are there teens highly invested in science, but then wanting  to use their talents for good (if technically “selfish” means) is always welcome. There also stand the chance that there will be a swerve to a rather heart-wrenching third act. It’s practically written into the DNA of these films.

Here’s the official synopsis, should you need it:

“High school best friends and science prodigies C.J. and Sebastian spend every spare minute working on their latest homemade invention: backpacks that enable time travel. But when C.J.’s older brother Calvin dies after an encounter with police officers, the young duo decide to put their unfinished tech to use in a desperate bid to save Calvin.”

Now, the thing most people are sure to notice with the above, is the inclusion of Oscar winner* Spike Lee. That’s because he and director Stefon Bristol have become tied together, over the last several years. While attending Morehouse College, Bristol met Lee and sought out an internship with acclaimed director. He was able to swing that into not just working as his assistant on Blackkklansman, but also won the 2016 Spike Lee Production Grant. If Lee sees something in this budding director, then it’s a good idea to take notice now.

What’s most interesting about See You Yesterday, is that it’s already something of a success. One season is that it’s an official selection at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Another is that this is actually an adaptation of a short Bristol made in 2017. Which, you guessed it, Lee served as an executive producer on. Better yet, Bristol has brought over the main talent from that film (Eden Duncan-Smith and Dante Crichlow), as well as his co-writer, Fredrica Bailey. That’s cause for celebration. We’ll see how the movie turns out, when it drops exclusively on Netflix, on May 17.

See You Yesterday
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*That’s just exciting to write!

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