Netflix Releases Star-Studded Trailer For Quincy Jones Documentary

Image Courtesy of Netflix

The trailer for Quincy introduces its star with the soothing voice of Frank Sinatra and the rousing horns of “Soul Bassa Nova”. It’s hard to find a more fitting way to introduce Quincy Jones.

The Netflix documentary is set to release on September 21, and the first trailer allows subscribers to get accustomed to the feeling of celebrity whiplash by revealing a few of the artists connected to the music icon. Sound bites are shown from Will Smith to Lady Gaga to Kendrick Lamar to Oprah. Take a look.

Jones has been one of the most monumental figures in the music and movie industry for over 50 years, an entire documentary could be made just for his collaborations with Michael Jackson. The film’s IMDB cast list is perhaps one of the most star-studded lists in history. Quincy will have no problem deciding what to put in, only what to leave out.

The documentary will also cover the early life of Quincy Jones, as a young man growing up in Chicago before leaving to tour with legendary jazz musician, Lionel Hampton. Having dozens of superstars pay tribute to Jones will be entertaining, but behind the scenes insight can provide another level of depth. Having Rashida Jones, the super-successful daughter of Quincy, as a co-director automatically allows viewers a level of closeness and access that cannot be found with other filmmakers.

Like most icons, Jones embraces a carpe diem mentality. The trailer includes his quote, “You only live 26,000 days. I’m going to wear them all out.” Unfortunately, many influential figures pass on before getting a proper tribute. With the Netflix documentary releasing this month, Quincy Jones might be an exception.


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