Our Netflix May Power Rankings Help You Navigate the Stream


If we can compare streaming services to family members, Netflix is the caring grandmother that keeps putting food on your plate hours after you’re full. They release content constantly, the only problem the service has is that they are awful at marketing it all. It is nearly impossible to keep track of everything Netflix releases.

This weekly column will help solve that problem by gathering all of the Netflix trailers released in the past week and ranking them on their effectiveness. Will the release be worthy to add to “My List” or should it be avoided like an Adam Sandler feature?

6. The Kissing Booth Trailer

The trailer is shot in the classic “Now I Don’t Have to Watch the Movie” style. Every single story beat is presented at the perfect length of a pop song: 2 minutes and 42 seconds. A high school drama where every male character looks like a Paul brother? Pass. For those who disagree, the movie starts streaming May 11.

5. Ibiza Trailer

Great comedy trio with great comedic bits in the trailer. The love story itself looks vanilla, but the likeability of Gillian Jacobs is undeniable. Vanessa Bayer and I now have something in common: Being defecated on by a bird while riding in an open vehicle. Ibiza premieres May 25.

4. 13 Reasons Why: Season 2 Date Announcement

One of Netflix’s most talked about series is back for season two. While secrets were previously hidden in audio tapes, the reveals in 13 Reasons Why will now come from polaroids. I did not watch the first season, so based on this trailer I cannot confirm or deny that the characters actually move or talk. Season 2 starts streaming on May 18.

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Trailer

Kimmy is moving up in the world! The clip encapsulates the show’s wit and silliness. Come for the carefree comedy, stay for Kimmy climbing the corporate ladder. The new season premieres on May 30.

2. Sacred Games Teaser

“Even if you’re a god, betrayal is the only truth.” The tagline is pretty cheesy, but this crime drama almost wins this week with an intriguing teaser. The eight episode series is an adaption of an Indian detective thriller of the same name. The lies and corruption begin on July 6.

1. Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist Trailer

Executive producers Mark and Jay Duplass, who also helped produce Wild Wild Country earlier this year, help this docuseries trailer win first place this week. There is nothing as immersive as a well-executed docuseries, especially when it involves a fascinating subject like the “Pizza Bomber” Case. Tune in May 11 for some more true crime drama.


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