Netflix Releases Trailer For Michael Peña Sci-Fi Showcase ‘Extinction’


Netflix has released the trailer for a new original movie titled Extinction, premiering on the streaming service July 27.

The trailer reveal comes only days after its star, Michael Peña, stole the show as the overexcited Luis in Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. Peña has quickly become one of the funniest and most cherished characters of the Marvel universe, excelling in his supporting role with constant comedic electricity. He has shown versatility in more dramatic films like End of Watch and The Martian, but still as a supporting character.

The trailer puts Peña’s Peter front and center as the patriarch of a normal family living in the future. He is accustomed to his work-home-family routine, until he starts to experience vivid and violent visions of his family dying. The world is suddenly invaded by some extraterrestrial force, and Peter might be able to use his ability to help the human race survive.

The movie also stars the delightful Lizzy Caplan and the stoic Mike Colter, completing a pretty entertaining trio of alien attackers. Extinction just might be the superhero showcase for Peña that the world has been asking for.


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