Tom Holland One Of Many A-List Stars Cast For Netflix’s ‘The Devil All the Time’

Image Courtesy Of Sony Pictures Entertainment / Marvel Studios

Netflix’s Twitter accounts never seem to stay idle. For a streaming service releasing content at an astounding rate, there is always a piece of news to tweet about. Their latest original film was announced recently with a star-studded cast:

The Devil All the Time is an adaptation of Donald Ray Pollack’s 2011 horror novel. For all comic book fanboys and conspiracy theorists, this is not proof that Chris Evans is dying in Avengers: Endgame. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer released last week shows that Marvel castmates still have time for other projects. Bill Skarsgard, the new Pennywise, is another actor who knows his way around CGI and a silly costume. For a studio that does not release official numbers, Netflix knows how to bring in talent from high grossing franchises (including Mia Wasikowska of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movies).

Of the entire cast, the most notable addition is Robert Pattinson. Over the past few years Pattinson has made measured, eclectic, quality choices with his work, including Good Time, The Lost City of Z, and the highly anticipated Claire Denis sci-fi thriller High Life. With relatively unproven writer/director Antonio Campos helming the project, this casting announcement is enough to keep an eye on Netflix’s Twitter accounts for a trailer release.

The Devil All the Time has no set release date, so there is still time to check out the book.


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