Marvel Quickly Reminds Everyone Why They Have To Keep Their Disney+ Subscriptions With This TV Spot

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment/Disney

You’d think think after 23 movies, there wouldn’t be a lot more to get people excited in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Going absolutely bonkers is one option. The other, is by attempting to conquer the TV landscape. Or whatever the streaming side of the TV landscape. If you were one of multitudes of people who forgot, here’s the Super Bowl TV spot to remind you that WandaVision, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier and Loki all coming to Disney+.

It took what feels like forever to get footage from these shows, but it was worth it. Loki gets the short shrift here, but the knowledge that Owen Wilson is on board should suffice. The Falcon & Winter Soldier is exciting, with a mix of action and, Anthony Mackie just throwing around the shield of Captain America. Do you really need more? It looks to thread that line of espionage and upholding legacy, that follows suit with the previous entries into that corner of the MCU.

Last and certainly not least is WandaVision. There’s no way this isn’t the most exciting program of the trio. The logline didn’t make sense. Vision was not operational the last time audiences saw him. So how could he be in this. Well, we have an inkling of what may be going on. Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) is seen trapped in an approximation of I Love Lucy, The Brady Bunch and some third show I’m having trouble placing. The point is, this is surprising, it’s a mystery and that’s the best way to sell a program?

What did you all think, dear readers? Which of the 3 shows are you anticipating the most? Any special cameos you’d like to see crossing over from the films? Use the space in the comments to tell us, along with any theories you may already have brewing. Keep your attention fixed here, as we’ll update you on each of these, once we know more.

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