SDCC 2019: Here’s The Fantastically Glorious Trailer For ‘Picard’

Image Courtesy of CBS All Access

For a while now people have been clawing and scrapping for every bit of info they can find about CBS All Access’ Picard series. We know that Patrick Stewart is returning to the role of Jean-Luc Picard, that he made iconic over 2 decades ago. We know he has a space dog. There was even indications that this series would be uniquely different from everything else Star Trek has done previously. Since the San Diego Comic Con is in full swing, the geeky gods have granted us the privilege of a full trailer, today. Trust us, you’re going to want to watch this at least 2-3 times.

If this doesn’t bring a series of ever widening grins to your face, you may want to check your pulse. Or you aren’t a fan of all things Star Trek. There’s so much info crammed into this little window, that it borders on overload. It’s safe to say that this went from “curiosity” to “can’t miss show of 2020” in under two minutes. Picard breaking out his combadge! Bret Spiner returns as Data! Jeri Ryan returns as Seven of Nine! Quick glimpses of Harry Treadaway, Allison Pill and Santiago Cabrera, all looking serious! Patrick Stewart in full grimace and commander mode. With a new crew and (mostly) unseen ship! We’re going to need a minute, so talk among yourselves. Watch the trailer another 70 times, if you must. We promise not to judge.

While there isn’t an official synopsis out there (sorry, sorry), it’s easy to glean what the basis of Picard will be. Some how, this young woman who seems to invite danger with every breath she takes, is drawn to Picard. As the trailer goes on, we’re lead to believe that she has a connection to the Borg. Which makes sense, given that at the CBS panel for the show, teased Jonathan Del Arco, who played the Borg, Hugh, on Next Generation, would be making a comeback. Should you have forgotten, they and Jean-Luc (*coughLocutuscough*) have a history of bad blood. That matters not though, as whatever caused him to leave Starfleet years ago, isn’t about to keep him from jetting off to save the galaxy. And that, as they say, is a win-win, for everyone.

Did you like the trailer? Happy to see so many threads to from the old series revisited here? What about those actors reprising their roles, from long ago? Do you think this show will end with a proper send-off or do you think there will be a cliffhanger, for a second season? Our comment section as always, is at your disposal. Picard has been at the top of our radar since it got announced. All this trailer did is make the wait for it to hit the airwaves, that much worse. Plus, the teased inclusions of Johnathan Franks (Riker) and Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi), mean this may be a full-on reunion. It may have even convinced a few of us to plunk down a few bones and finally get CBS All Access. Picard his that streaming platform, exclusively in 2020. Stay tuned for further updates, as they become available.

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