SXSW Review: Uncle Kent 2

Spoiler Alert! Uncle Kent 2 ends with the movie’s writer and main character jerking off in front of a bunch of his friends. That’s not really a spoiler alert because that’s actually what the entire movie is, but I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad way.

For those who haven’t seen the first Uncle Kent like myself, you need not worry. This isn’t really a sequel, as it’s really an exploration about the real-life Kent Osborne and his weekend in San Diego Comi-Con. What follows is a series of self-indulgent long-shots, fun animated sequences, and an unnecessary amount of male nudity. Listen I’m all for there being more dong shots in film, but for some reason indie films find a way to put in the most unnecessary dongs shots possible. The film could be about a race of lesbian women secluded on an island, and three-fourths of the way in, the director’s dong makes an appearance to give the movie some indie cred. Tangent aside, this movie is filled to the brim with those classic indie movies moments. Early on Osborne makes a comment about how film critics are bloodsuckers, and I was waiting for Kevin Smith’s jorts to make a cameo. For those pining for the droll mumbling and awkward interactions of Joe Swanburg, you only get 10 minutes before the reigns are handed over to director Todd Rohal, which leads to the longest opening involving man-boob jiggling in history.

For those who like singularity mentions in their indie films, this one is definitely for you. Osborne mentions the simulation theory throughout, which involves the idea that the realty we all exist in is just a simulation a la’ the Matrix. It plays a big role in the movie, but it never gets too deep in the philosophy, it just serves to have some fun and weird sequences, and did I mention the weird? This movie has some of the weirdest moments I’ve seen in a while, but unfortunately, weirdness doesn’t make up for a lack of coherent anything.

Being the writer of the film, Osborne takes every opportunity to kiss every cute woman, which is another indie trope. Osborne also takes the opportunity his web series heavily, even going so far as to turn it into a meet cute.

For you Eastbound and Down fans, Steve Little makes appears briefly as Osborne’s doctor, which leads to arguably the funniest bit in the movie. Speaking of funny, for a film that touts itself as a comedy, there weren’t a lot of laughs to be had. Sure there were some fun and odd moments, but there wasn’t a lot of moments that made me chuckle.

All in all, I respect Kent and the gang for following their passions and making the movie they wanted to make, but it’s just too much dumb bullshit in one sitting.

So yea, if you want to watch Kent Osborne pulling on his pud for an hour and some change go see Uncle Kent 2. CINEMA!

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