We hope you packed some extra clothes because we are taking a road trip to Eerie, Indiana and we are taking all the stops along the way. Join my guest Elijah LaFollette and I as we discuss our Saturday morning routines as kids and one of our favorite shows of all time. Whether if you have heard of the 90’s TV show Eerie, Indiana or not you will enjoy this episode to the max. We had a great time reminiscing over the history of the show, our favorite episodes, and how they have a connection with some of our more favored 80’s cheese horror and thriller movies.

That’s right bogus fans! Pack your case book, the evidence files, Wonderball, Squeeze Its, and Oreo Cereal because its time for the fifth installment to the Forever Bogus Podcast, “Where we’ve got nostalgia on tap!”


TAPESTUCK podcast – We review everything released on VHS

First Episode Premiers: Monday, the 3rd!

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