Netflix & Chill EP 13: Sex, Murder & Music

The weekend is upon us and so is Netflix and Chill. Looking for something to watch with your bae or maybe something to veg out to in your sweatpants? Well look no further than the Netflix and Chill podcast.

KC and Kelly dive into the life and times of Kurt Cobain when they review the docu-drama ‘Soaked in Bleach.’ It brings back shades of ‘Making a Murder’ and we get riled up!

Remember the catcher from ‘Sandlot’? Well he is all growns up and playing a dirty little pervert in a a film called ‘Bad Roomies.’ Kelly and KC discuss the awkwardness that ensues when you have a good lookin’ fella, the grown up kid from sandlot and a sexpot all living under one roof! All this and nothing more on episode 13 of the Netflix and Chill Podcast.



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