Netflix and Chill EP 15: The Young American Dream

This week our reviews cover such light-hearted topics as politics and abortion. What a hoot!

We tackle a Noam Chomsky documentary called ‘Requiem For The American Dream.’ Snooze fest, booze fest. An interesting documentary with some great discussion points but not something to watch if you are looking for a laugh.

However we did give dark comedy drama ‘The Great Kieslowski’ a go and it was pretty solid. The story of two awkward nerdy college kids that get themselves in all kinds of a messy situation with a big decision to make. We discuss having kiddos when you are older and the tough decisions people have to make when they have babies when they are young.

KC and Kelly play their first ever game of ‘Sex, Drugs and Magic’ the new Red Hot Pep Pep Game that is sweeping the nation. Play along at home and send us suggestions for future games on our facebook or twitter page.

All this and nothing else on episode 15 of the Netflix and Chill podcast.



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