Lost in Reviews EP 12: WONDER WOMAN

Editor Will is our fourth chair as we dig into CeeJay’s most anticipated film of the year – WONDER WOMAN! We’re talking being impressed by star Gal Gadot, old-school storytelling, and positivity in DC’s newest release. We’re also getting into some box office and DARK UNIVERSE news and what we’ve been watching.

What We’ve Been Watching.

Mouse Hunt (VOD)
Westworld (HBO)
Westworld (VOD)
Seinfeld (VOD)
Murder on the Orient Express(1974 Lumet version, VOD)
I’m Dying Up Here (Showtime)
Baywatch (wide-release)
Less than Zero (VOD)
Pirates of the Carribean 5 (wide-release)
The Carmichael Show (Netflix)
Three Musketeers (Netflix)
The Tribe (YouTube)
Justice League (Netflix)
Girl Meets World finale (Disney Channel)


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