Horrorversary Ep. 2: The Strangers (with Jerry Smith)

Image Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Now that the dust has settled on Fantastic Fest 2018 (hey, have you read our coverage yet?), we can get back to your regularly scheduled programming! New episodes will be dropping in this spot weekly. Upcoming shows feature such notable guests as Katie Rife from AV Club, Heather Wixson from Daily Dead and Rob Hunter from Film School Rejects.

On this week’s episode we’re diving into a horror film that has just grown and grown in popularity over the past decade. That’s right, we’re talking 2008’s The Strangers, with guest Jerry Smith! What better way to celebrate an anniversary, than with an individual who literally wears their fandom on their sleeve?

Lastly, apologies for minor auditory hiccups. Wasn’t able to clean everything up, but the discussion will hold you regardless!


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