Horrorversary Ep 1: The Re-Premiere

Night Of The Demons Horrorversary
Image Courtesy of Meridian Productions/ MGM

You may be asking yourself “what’s a re-premiere?” We’ll get to that. The more pressing question is “what’s a Horrorversary?” That one is far easier to answer.

Horrorversary is a podcast celebrating horror movies, celebrating anniversaries. We cover the milestones. The film’s hitting, 10, 20, 30, 40+ year celebrations. That’s where we make our home. Each episode a guest, in the form of a fellow podcaster, film critic, actor, writer, producer, director, sits down with host Adrian Torres, to dive into what make these films so revered.

As for the “re-premiere” part? Well, that’s equally as simple. This episode before you is our “pilot”, the one we used to test the waters a couple months back, to gauge interest in the concept. We couldn’t think of a better start to things now as part of the Boom Howdy Podcast Network. And, as luck should have it, the first guests are none other than Nightmare Junkhead! Enjoy!


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