Forever Bogus Podcast – Back to Eerie, Indiana

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Welcome back to another installment of the Forever Bogus Podcast, “Where we’ve got nostalgia on tap.”

On this special rerun episode of the Bogus Cast, Mr. Bogus and Eli (Magnetic Magic Rentals) countdown their favorite episodes of the short-lived 90s show Eerie, Indiana. Bogus is currently on their January hiatus to spend some time with their family and to build up their content for the latter half of the podcast season. However, they did on want to leave us empty handed so they put together this rerun episode to hold us over. This particular episode was taken from the first season of the podcast, which was re-edited, re-layered, and reconstructed from its original form. Make sure to stay tuned in to Boom Howdy for new Bogus content coming in the first of February.

A manipulative ATM, unsettling commercialized hell, garbage time fighters, and two young intelligent supernatural detectives.

Hosted by:
Bryce Shoemaker [Forever Bogus] Instagram| Facebook |YouTube

Elijah LaFollette [Magnetic Magic Rentals] Instagram | Online Store | YouTube

Every Forever Bogus Podcast episode was written, edited, and produced by Bryce Shoemaker.

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