Forever Bogus Podcast – What is Butt Rock?

Welcome back to another installment of the Forever Bogus Podcast, “Where we’ve got nostalgia on tap.”

Never made it as a Wiseman? Six feet from the edge? Well, you made it to the right place. On this special episode of the Bogus Cast, the Bogus Boys and their special guest, Johnathon McDowell, answer the age-old question…. “What is BUTT ROCK?!” In doing so they express their thoughts on whether if specific bands, movies, and fashion are considered to be Butt Rock. Johnathon kicks off the show explaining his obsession with the genre and what makes the culture so fascinating. Soon after they try their best to describe exactly what Butt Rock means to their moms. They follow that up with an exciting game of ‘Butt Rock or Nah’. They each call out a band and they guess if they are Butt Rock or not. The show takes a turn as they go in-depth in Butt Rock culture, covering its fashion trends, movies, and tough-guy vulnerability.

Saliva, Nickleback, Fuel, Hootie & the Blowfish, Affliction, Ed Hardy, and so much more awaits us on the Butt Rock episode of the Bogus Cast. What are you waiting for? Crack open a couple Monsters, install your Truck Nuts, and press play!

Hosted by:
Bryce Shoemaker [Forever Bogus]

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Jayme Kilsby [Brainexploder]

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Special Guest:
Johnathon McDowell [Everything is Mediocre]

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