Forever Bogus Podcast – Snick or Treat ’93 w/ Haunted Hangover

Welcome back to another installment of the Forever Bogus Podcast, “Where we’ve got nostalgia on tap.”

Que the thunder and lighting. Strike up the creepy organ on last time. It’s the final episode of the Forever BOOOO!GUS Half Halloween Podcast! In this spooky episode, B-Boy Spooky Bryce and Punkinman bring on the radical dudes from the Haunted Hangover Podcast to help them cover Snick or Treat ’93. They kick off the episode discussing the importance of Halloween and SNICK, Saturday night Nickelodeon, during their childhood. Soon after they dive into the full block of Snick or Treat ’93, highlighting each show and interesting commercials in between. We get some fun insider knowledge, interesting trivia, and hilarious personal stories. Later they wrap up the show expressing their final thoughts on the SNICK block and future projects.

What are you waiting for? Lock your doors, dim your lights, and press play!

Hosted by:
Bryce Shoemaker [Forever Bogus]

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Jayme Kilsby [Brainexploder]

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Special Guests:

Dave Catalano [Haunted Hangover]

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Louie Cortes [Haunted Hangover]

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