Forever Bogus Podcast – Matthew Broderick’s Godzilla [1998]

Welcome back to another installment of the Forever Bogus Podcast, “Where we’ve got nostalgia on tap.”

The Bogus Boys are back in town!! They’ve been away for too long and that’s not stopping them from jumping right into the strange and weird shenanigans. In this season’s premiere episode, B-Boy Bogus Bryce and J-Dawg celebrate the end of the Summer season by tackling the so-called “Summer Blockbuster,” Matthew Broderick’s Godzilla. That’s right! The Bogus Boys take a deep dive into 1998’s Godzilla! In doing so they uncover the mystery of why Matthew Broderick hated working on set, how this movie single-handedly bankrupted a toy company, why there was little Godzilla screentime, and how this was a doom set from the get-go. Oh… and I guess they cover what they liked about it along the way. Then they wrap up the show with a couple of great summer blockbuster movie outings of their own.

So set back, relax, eat a sugar snack, and prepare yourself because it’s once again time to get BOGUS!

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