Forever Bogus Podcast – Attack of the Clips!

Welcome back to another installment of the Forever Bogus Podcast, “Where we’ve got nostalgia on tap.”

The Bogus Boys are on a small hiatus to recharge their batteries after a long year. However, they did not want to keep us hanging, so they produced some fun content while they’re away. On this wild episode of the Bogus Cast, the Bogus Boys run for shelter as they are under attack… of forgotten bogus clips! The Bogus Boys found it hard to contain their nostalgic-filled tangents sometimes and as result, they had to cut these tangents out of the show due to time restraints. Thankfully B-Boy Bogus Bryce kept all these clips! In this episode the Bogus Boys present these never heard clips in a fun fashion, giving us a little more insight into how the show operates behind the scenes.

The Bogus Boys will return with brand new content in February, but until then enjoy the Attack of the Clips!!

Bryce Shoemaker [Forever Bogus]

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