Interview: Patrick Brice Discusses the Origins of ‘Creep 2’ and the Possibility of ‘Creep 3’

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We have director of CREEP 2 and a victim of Peachfuzz, Patrick Brice joining us on the Phantom Podcast Network on our sister site

He discusses his film making progress and the origins of the low budget film turned fan favorite. Will we get a CREEP 3? Where did Peachfuzz come from? All this and more on the Phantom Podcast interview with Patrick Brice.

I didn’t quite know how they would pull off a sequel in a unique way but they certainly found a way to do so. Completely flipping things on its head early on the film becomes slightly meta. Fans of the original CREEP film will appreciate the approach the sequel takes and how it expands Mark Duplass character Aaron and potentially sets things up for another CREEP film in the future. Has there been a more likeable serial killer since Ted Bundy? Granted Ted Bundy ACTUALLY killed people but you can certainly see some of the traits of Bundy’s charisma in Mark Duplass’ character.

If you are looking for films to add to your Halloween movie marathon plug in CREEP and CREEP 2 into the mix. You won’t be disappointed by the Creep factor.

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