Wonder Woman Is Not Alone – The Characters She’s Bringing With Her

5) Etta Candy (Lucy Davis)

etta-candyWonder Woman has redefined the role of women in comics in many ways, but one of the most understated is its approach to female friendships. Etta Candy has been Wonder Woman’s sidekick since the 40’s and has served as an emotional foil for Diana when the pressures of being Wonder Woman become too much. Etta has also been a daring depiction of a full-figured woman even as the size and shape of women’s bodies have been warped to ever more impossible standards. She’s even been revamped into a secret agent who gets to be a heroine in her own right. Lucy Davis’s incarnation of the character in the film, however, will have her serving as Steve Trevor’s secretary, hopefully giving her plenty of chances to get into adventures alongside the dashing leads of the film.

6) Ares (Danny Huston)

danny-huston-in-wonder-womanThis one is actually a big question mark as it has not been confirmed that Huston will be playing Greek war god and Wonder Woman archvillain Ares. But judging by his decidedly militaristic look and the menacing glare he fires off at Wonder Woman in the trailer there’s a better-than-average chance that he’ war god himself or someone very close to him. One doesn’t hire an actor of Huston’s caliber to play just anybody – especially without leaking the name of the character. And Ares is too big a presence in Wonder Woman lore to ignore. Let’s also not forget the film’s setting: World War I. If Ares doesn’t have an interest in one of the bloodiest conflicts mankind has ever known, then who does?

Wonder Woman is a gold mine of incredible characters just waiting to be used. Will what they’ve shown us so far be the cream of the crop? Or are there hidden gems waiting to surface in the cinematic story. Given the way the DC cinematic universe enjoys throwing out hints about its characters’ other doings, it’s safe to say that there might still be a lot to learn about what – and who – is going on in Wonder Woman before it hits the theatres!

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