Wonder Woman Is Not Alone – The Characters She’s Bringing With Her

3) Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen)

hippolytaThe mighty Queen of the Amazons is being brought to life by veteran actress Connie Nielsen, but whether she continues Themiscyra’s traditional male-exclusionist policies remains to be seen. Wonder Woman’s mother has been given many backstories and risen and fallen many times over the decades, but she almost always has a grudge against the Greek hero Heracles who tried to destroy her people at the urging of the god Ares. As a result of this conflict, Wonder Woman sometimes has a hard time convincing her mom that the outside world is worth saving and it will be interesting to see if this conflict plays out in the film.

4) General Antiope (Robin Wright)

robin-wright-as-general-antiope-jpgRobin Wright got her start in acting playing a Princess Bride, but now she has matriculated into an Amazonian general. Antiope is Queen Hippolyta’s sister and gets the enviable task of bringing Themyscira’s considerable might to bear against its enemies. In comics Antiope has traditionally been seen taking the battle directly to Heracles and his forces. Whatever her role is in the movies, however, it’s safe to say based on the publicity photos that Wright is really getting a kick out of it.


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