Wonder Woman Is Not Alone – The Characters She’s Bringing With Her

Wonder Woman’s solo movie is still a ways off, but as one of DC’s biggest heroes there is already quite a bit of speculation about what and who her movie will involve. With decades of comic book lore and loads of characters, there’s no telling what direction DC will go with its big-screen tale of the world’s most well-known female super hero. But the trailer tells us that we can expect some pretty high-profile figures from Wonder Woman’s storied career. Here’s a look at them.

1) Wonder Woman / Diana Price (Gal Gadot)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wonder woman superhero gal gadot batman vs supermanSeems obvious enough? Obviously you can’t have a movie called Wonder Woman without Wonder Woman, right? And everyone knows who Wonder Woman is, yet? She’s super strong, she fights crime, she… Um…?

If you’re not a comics fan then the details might be fuzzy, but Wonder Woman hails from the mythical island of Themyscira: an idyllic place inhabited entirely by Amazon women who, in spite of their fearsome martial prowess, have established a peaceful and just society. But Wonder Woman is no ordinary Amazon. Her exact creation has varied throughout the years, but the narrative the film seems to be going with mirrors her recent comics iteration wherein the god Zeus magically imbues her with life. From these magical origins, Diana goes forth unafraid to vanquish evil with sword, shield, and a magical lasso. But unlike the sullen Batman and even Superman, who still takes himself too seriously from time to time, Wonder Woman tries to temper power with compassion and is known for keeping a level head and only resorting to force when diplomacy has failed. Spoiler alert: at some point, diplomacy will probably fail and Gal Gadot’s demigoddess heroine will have to rise to the occasion.

2) Steve Trevor (Chris Pine)

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Yes, Wonder Woman has a love interest and yes, he’s a rugged, handsome fighter pilot. But Steve Trevor has traditionally served as a cheeky reversal of the damsel-in-distress trope rampant in comics at the time of Wonder Woman’s creation. Steve is constantly getting into messes that only Wonder Woman can rescue him from. This dynamic gets established in their relationship early on when Steve crashes his plane on Themyscira – place where men are forbidden from setting foot. Luckily, Wonder Woman is there to save him before things get too far out of hand. But his departure prompts her investigation of the outside world he came from where she continues to save him – and everyone else who needs it – from the endless disasters heading their way. Star Trek captain Chris Pine will be the one deferring to Wonder Woman’s courses of action.


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