Two Great Online Games Based on Comic Book Heroes You Should Play ASAP

Following the news that Playtech will be teaming up with DC Comics to create a plethora of upcoming slots, we thought we’d share two other online games based on comic book heroes that you should go play ASAP.

iGaming: The Hulk Slot

Although The Incredible Hulk may not have gotten the best or most accurate movie representations throughout the last decade, it appears that our favorite mean, green comic book giant may have received the best Marvel slot.

Created by Playtech, Hulk is an engaging, solid Marvel slot with 25 paylines and 5 reels as well as several bonuses packed with prizes and multipliers. There are two features which can be triggered depending upon which symbols pop up on your screen. The first is activated when bonus symbols emerge in reels one and five. Following this, the game swiftly transitions onto a new screen where you will choose vehicles for The Hulk to destroy and thus receive instant wins and multipliers. For free spins, you’ll have to trigger the other feature by getting three scatter symbols in the reels.

Plus, at several online casinos featuring online slot games including bgo, Hulk is linked to four Marvel Mystery Jackpot prize pools and can reward players with up to 4,000x their original bet due to the Ultimate Power jackpot fund. As bgo is currently offering new players £1,500 worth of deposit bonuses right now, you might want to head over there to experience this great game.

MMO: DC Universe Online

As far as iGaming goes, there are a lot of slots based on comic books but not really a lot else. Sure, there’s Marvel Roulette at sites like free-slotgames or slotsheaven, but there’s a bit of a void elsewhere, especially when it comes to DC-based games. So, we thought we’d include this incredible MMO to even things out.

If you’re into a comic-book movies and Massive Multiplayer Online gaming, then you’ve probably already heard of this time-consuming, immersive title. For those of you who haven’t, let us introduce you to your new hobby, because chances are you’re going to love this game, especially since it is now free to register.

We are welcomed into this MMO world dramatically, as Braniac has once again returned to destroy everything the heroes and villains of the DC Universe hold dear. Not only is there just general tomfoolery happening across the planet, but now regular human beings have been gifted with super powers – which is where you come in. You can build your own avatar from the ground up, including costumes, whether you’re a goodie or a baddie and which powers you wish to have. Following this you will have to complete a tutorial quest, but after that you’ll be free to explore this new world, complete other quests and interact with other gamers.

All in all, DC Universe Online is a great MMO whether you’re into comic books and their movies or not. There’s plenty of action to keep everyone entertained, and once you’ve started leveling up we guarantee you’re going to want to see where you can take your character. Of course, if this doesn’t sound like your sort of thing then by all means you can still check out Playtech’s incredible Hulk slot to get your comic book kicks.

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