Rotten Rentals Releases “Stranger Things” Trading Card Set

Rotten Rentals created a unique product back in 2012 that combined Loot Crate mystery boxes with VHS cases. Each case contains vintage trading cards, mini zombie figures, movie promos and other randomly inserted items.

Rotten Rentals (and Boom Howdy) made some noise during San Diego Comic-Con with their guerilla marketing campaign for Stranger Things that lead fans on a scavenger hunt to find VHS Cases filled with items that related to the series.

Now they are branching out with a small batch of “Stranger Things” trading cards that some collectors may have received in their “Stranger Things” Limited Edition VHS Packs (now sold out.) “Enter the upside down with our 15 card “Stranger Things” faux trading card set. Each set comes inside a VHS case (shown below) with a “Missing Will Byers” poster.”

This is a pre-order item. Ships December 15th.

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