10 Tips and Tricks For The Best Pokémon GO Hunt

We have some tips and hacks to help you “Catch’em All” – Pokémon that is. Check out a few below Do you have some cool hacks we missed? We want to hear them! tell us some of your hacks in the comment section below!

Hatch Eggs & Get Metals Without Walking – Because, Lazy

From Youtube User Rusty Cage:

Pokémon Go HACK!. Hatch eggs and get medals without actually having to walk. Because you’re a lazy a piece of shit!

This is all for fun of course. Pokemon GO is newest craze infecting the youth (as well as adult children). Many aspects of the game rely directly on the user having to walk distances to unlock rewards and get hatch Poké Eggs. But fuck all that, I figured out how to trick the GPS into thinking that you are walking without having to. The “Fake Location” apps are all scams, but THIS is 100% effective. Anyways, I know this is a stupid video unlike all my others, but I wanted to make it. CATCH EM ALL!

Put Some Curve On Your Poké Ball

When you are in a battle draw a little circle around your Poké Ball to give it some spin.

That will give you a curveball bonus AND even more XP!


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