Players Set Out to Catch Pokemon, Catch Naked Woman Vandalizing Church Instead

You never know what awaits you on the glorious road to catching them all.  Since Pokemon Go’s release, players have discovered wonders like friendship, the great outdoors, dead bodies, and the lasting effects of long walks off of short cliffs.  When the fruit’s of adventure seemed as ripe as they could be,  the game has saw fit to deliver once again.

pokewonky_03The Connecticut Post reports that two men ventured to St. Luke’s Church in Westport, CT this past Wednesday in hopes of catching Pokemon. What they found instead (or maybe in addition to), however, was a naked woman vandalizing the church’s prayer garden.


pokewonky_02The church’s Sister Maureen Fleming stated to the Post that the unidentified non-poke woman damaged a statue of the Virgin Mary, threw garbage from her car into the garden’s pond, and pulled lights out of the ground.

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