CinemaCon Debuts First Look at Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s New Sci-Fi Film ‘Passengers’

What happens when you’re trapped in space with one person for the rest of your life? You fall madly in love with them, of course.

Sony Pictures premiered raw footage of their thriller ‘Passengers’ during CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, and it put actors Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s chemistry on full display.

Set in the future, ‘Passengers’ centers on Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), a mechanic on a 120-year journey to a distant colonized planet in another galaxy, who becomes the first traveler to experience pod hibernation failure. Having woken up 100 years too soon, he is stranded in the world of an interstellar spaceship with only robots and androids for companionship. A year into his journey, he decides to wake up a fellow passenger, a beautiful journalist named Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence). They fall in love but must soon deal not only with the revelation of Jim’s misjudged act of waking her but a major malfunction of the ship itself. Here’s what Jennifer Lawrence had to say during the presentation.

‘Passengers’ premieres in theaters Dec. 21.



Source: MovieWeb

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