It’s Official: You Have 7 Days to Kill Gary Busey

For anyone out there that says dreams don’t come true,  I give you proof that you couldn’t be more wrong.  We all have fond memories as children, gathered around the campfire, telling spooky spooky Gary Busey stories.  Amongst the unifying nightmares that naturally followed, a dream was born.  

That dream was to one day murder Gary Busey.

The good folks over at IO Interactive have given you the opportunity to do just that.  Gary comes crashing into the game Hitman as the winner of an online campaign titled “Choose Your Hit,” where fans could vote to target either Gary Cole or Gary Busey.  Busey won (or lost), and as a result, he has arrived in Hitman as an Elusive target for seven days, beginning today.

killbusey_01Seven days is a longer duration than the typical Elusive target window, and it remains to be seen why this target’s window of opportunity has been extended.  Whatever the reason may be, Busey can be found in the Sapienza location, so you will need to own that piece of DLC to be able to assassinate Busey within the 168-hour time frame.


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