New Pokemon GO Dating App Wants to Help You Catch That Special Someone

While it seemed that the Pokémon Go  phenomenon was perfect in absolutely every single way, we have always felt that their was that one little bit of magic missing.  Lying awake at night, plotting courses with maximum PokeStops and minimal effort,  we found ourselves wishing those lures we paid good money for attracted more than just a few Rattatas. We’ve yearned for a way for single players to meet like-minded trainers and feel the romance over their mutual obsession with catching them all.

Imagine it: you’re looking for that elusive Pokémon that all of the cooler kids already caught, you bump into another player, you both look up from your phones, and it’s not just another Snorlax hanging out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride, trying to holler at you.

Pokedate_01Dream no more my digitally hoarding friends, for now we have PokéDates, a new service meant to match you up with your perfect Pokémon Go partner.


Using both your personal and Pokémon preferences, PokéDates will find that special someone for you to meet up with.  Once a match is found, it’ll send both of you to a PokéStop or Gym where you can take it from there.

Pokedate_02If you’d like to Pokélove a chance, the first match is free. After that, it’ll be $20 a pop. If by chance you don’t enjoy your experience, you can always get your money back. The site explains, “We currently offer an awesomeness guarantee: if you have a terrible experience on your fixup, just email us and we can process a refund.”

PokéDates is  part of Project Fixup, a dating app that uses real live people to matchmake instead of algorithms. It’s currently available in the US right now, and should be coming to Canada soon.

Pokémon Go has reached the forefront of pop culture over the past couple weeks, and PokéDates is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unusual things originating from the craze. You can read all about all of the bizarre events & stories that the game has been responsible for here.

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