Let’s Rank the 30 Games on Nintendo’s Mini NES System!

#14. Kirby’s Adventure

This one came late in the NES game and it was one of the biggest in terms of memory… a whole 6MB!

The gameplay is also a lot of fun and it’s the first NES game featuring Kirby. The first one was on Game Boy, which was also a lot of fun to play.

Definitely check this one out WHEN you buy the mini NES.


#13. Mario Bros.

This probably shouldn’t be as high as it is, but when it gets to those ice levels, it really gets interesting.

I mean, this is the game that set up ALL of the other Mario Bros. games because it featured Luigi for the very first time.

Yes, this game deserves its props in gaming history, so there it is. Mad props.


#12. Mega Man 2

This was another game that was hard AF, but I loved playing every minute of it. Whereas Castlevania just felt monotonous, the Mega Man series always seemed to have something new around the corner.

Fun fact about this game, it’s the first Mega Man game to use submissions from players for boss ideas. The boss character contest ended up having 8,370 submissions!

Remember when gaming companies listened to their fans? No, me neither…


#11. Metroid

It had killer gameplay, great graphics, really expanded on that side-scroller idea and that reveal at the end!

Classic AF!


Top 10 coming up!


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