Let’s Rank the 30 Games on Nintendo’s Mini NES System!

#23. Donkey Kong Jr.

The same thing goes for Donkey Kong Jr. as it did for Donkey Kong. Both are great standup games, but the console version is lacking.

Still, it has a much more diverse storyline and gameplay than the original, so I’ll be playing it more.

But only a little more.


#22. Double Dragon II: The Revenge

I’m a sucker for Double Dragon (and ninjas in general) so if the original isn’t included in this bundle, I’ll settle for the sequel.


#21. Excitebike

Yes, another classic far down on the list. This one is also very monotonous. The sound of those bikes haunt my dreams!

Still, it’s one of the only sports related game on here, so I’ll definitely play it.


#20. Final Fantasy

This was my first JRPG and it was a lot of fun. A great world map, you could actually pick your character and name it, and those players actually had stats!  Also, that soundtrack is a classic.

So why is it #20? Because it takes a LONG time to play. Also, there are other games on the top of the list that take longer to play that I’ll be focusing my time on.

What are they? I’ll give you a hint: they rhyme with Buper Sario Mros. and Zegend of Lelda.



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