BASEBALL IS BACK! Opening Day means every team has a shot at the title, no one works in the afternoon and someone will pass out in the parking lot before the first pitch. Yes, a new sense of hope is ushered in with America’s favorite past-time (behind football).

Anyone who knows me will tell you I bleed the powder blue of the Kansas City Royals. So last years magical ride back to the World Series in back-to-back seasons was something I will never forget. They took care of unfinished business from the year before and “Took the Crown.” The city celebrated to the tune of 800,000 people in the heart of downtown Kansas City as we watched our boys in blue ride through the victory parade.

But a new season is here and like I said last year it will be tough to repeat as A.L. Champs and go to a third straight World Series. Only the 98 – 00 Yankees have done it before. The A.L. Central always proves to be tough and this year will be no different. The Royals continue to get disrespected by prediction machines but the Royals only use that as motivation. Improvements from the Tigers and White Sox could help them make a run at the division title but the Indians are the ones pushing to make a case as real contenders to the Royals. Nevertheless lets dive into our own predictions with another edition of MAN vs MACHINE!

MLB The Show 2016 came this week just in time for the new season. As if there aren’t enough predictions out already for 2016 we thought we would add another one to the mix! So I fired up my PS4 and threw in MLB THE SHOW 2016 and simulated the season to predict who will win each division this year and compare it to my picks.





AL East: Rays (97-65)

AL Central:  Royals (91-71)

AL West: Angels (99-63)

AL Wild Cards: Red Sox (93-69) Blue Jays (91-71)

NL East: Nationals (93-69)

NL Central:  Cubs (116-46)

NL West:  Giants (95-67)

NL Wild Cards: Pirates (90-72), Dodgers (91-71)

AL Champs: Red Sox (Defeating the Royals 4-0)

NL Champs: Dodgers (Defeating the Nationals 4-0)

AL Defeats NL in All-Star Game (AL Home Field)

MLB Champs: Red Sox (4-3)
For the second straight year the machine picks the Red Sox to win it all.






AL East: Tampa Bay

AL Central:  Royals

AL West: Astros

AL Wild Cards: Indians, Red Sox

NL East: Nationals

NL Central:  Cubs

NL West:  Giants

NL Wild Cards: Diamondbacks, Mets

AL Champs: Royals (Defeating the Astros)

NL Champs: Cubs (Defeating the Mets)

AL Defeats NL in All-Star Game (AL Home Field)

MLB Champs: Cubs


As much as I wanted to give the Royals their second straight championship it seems impossible to achieve. So I had to go with the young and powerful Cubs team. The experience the young Cubbies got in the playoffs last year should serve them well this year. It could finally be time to break the curse and watch the Cubs hoist their first championship in over 100 years. To be honest if there is one team I wouldn’t mind seeing the Royals lose to it would be the Cubs. I wouldn’t like it but I could accept it.

So there you have it, our MAN vs MACHINE predictions for 2016. All that is left is to yell PLAY BALL! Good luck to your team this season.