Marvel Teams Up with ABC for ‘The Inhumans’ TV Series

Marvel continues to permeate ever pore of the entertainment landscape.  They announced Marvel’s The Inhumans will debut in IMAX Theaters next year while the remaining episodes will then air weekly on ABC.

This is a really interesting approach by airing the first two episodes in theaters then switching the series over to a major network like ABC to finish out the 8 episode inaugural season.  We’ll see if it pays off for them and if it’s a trend that could continue if it succeeds. The Inhumans film was originally going to be released in 2018 but got delayed a couple of times and the new release date was 2019. This could be the new plan for the series but that doesn’t rule out a movie down the road.

Filmed entirely with Imax digital cameras, the series is to focus on the titular race of superhumans first introduced by Marvel Comics legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1965. In the comics, the Inhuman royal family is led by Black Bolt, whose voice can level a city, and also includes such colorful characters as prehensile-haired Medusa, element-controlling Crystal, and teleporting dog Lockjaw. If you want to learn more about the backstory of The Inhumans before taking the plunge into the TV series check out the comic series or you can cheat and read about it on

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