Man Dressed as Charmander Balances on Giant Poke Ball While Playing Pokemon Theme Song on Flaming Bagpipes

Here’s something you’re sure to find both unexpected and impressive.  A multi-talented musician dawning a Charmander costume recently performed the Pokemon theme song using glorious flaming bagpipes, all while balancing on an over-sized Poke Ball.



This happened recently in Portland, Oregon, a city known for the slogan of “Keep Portland Weird.”  The man in the video  shwon above is musician Brian Kidd  (AKA The Unipiper)–and this is not his first video where he plays a popular song on flaming bagpipes while in costume.




Check out The Unipiper’s YouTube page to see more of his original videos, including one where he dresses up like Darth Vader and has a lightsaber duel with Bigfoot.

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