Game Modder Brings Pokemon GO to Dreamcast VMU

One modder is trying to bring Pokemon GO to Dreamcast’s Visual Memory Unit (VMU). Bringing the forward thinking augmented reality app to a throwback gaming system. Odd.

The VMU version is being developed by modder guacasaurus_mex. As you can imagine the transition from the smartphone app to an older gaming system has challenges. The biggest being the static game doesn’t work off of a GPS.


According to his Instagram post the game will work off of a randomly generated grids that you’ll navigate to track down Pokemon. As you try to catch them all you will still throw a Poke Balls to capture Pokemon but you will do so by taking part in a “timing-based mini-game.”

Don’t expect to see the Pokemon Go VMU version anytime soon. The mod game still remains in development not be released until sometime in 2017. guacasaurus_mex said the timeline is based on the fact he is lazy and it will take forever to draw all the Pokemon for VMU.

Pokemon Go isn’t the only game guacasaurus_mex has given the mod treatment to.  Some of the other games he has featured on his Instagram, including Flappy Bird VMU and Street Race VMU. Or if you’re looking for more ways to enjoy Pokemon Go, check out this guy dressed as Charmander balancing on giant Poke Ball while playing the Pokemon theme song on flaming bagpipes. Now that’s entertainment!

Man Dressed as Charmander Balances on Giant Poke Ball While Playing Pokemon Theme Song on Flaming Bagpipes

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