Don’t Expose the Mondo GREMLINS Soundtrack to Light or Water

…Actually do just that, because the results are awesome!!!

Just in time for the holiday season, Mondo‘s stellar new release of the GREMLINS original soundtrack will make you want to break all of the rules (or at least 2 of the 3) that everyone knows by heart:
1. No bright light
2. Don’t get them wet
3. Never feed them after midnight

The artwork by Phantom City Creative features a UV sensitive gatefold jacket that, when exposed to Daylight, reveals hidden messages. In addition, the disc sleeves are water sensitive, so additional images appear when they are exposed to a damp cloth.  And feel free to play the records after midnight without fear of repercussion!
GREMLINS Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Artwork by Phantom City Creative
Pressed on 180 Gram Vinyl

Mondo’s GRELMINS original motion picture soundtrack goes on sale Wednesday, November 30 at Noon CT at

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